The Geopolitical Implications of the Financial Crisis with keynote address by Paul Krugman

The Center for International Security Study’s second annual symposium was held on May 13-14, 2010 at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. Focusing on the world’s financial crisis and its implications on geopolitics and strategic relationships across the globe, the symposium was launched by a keynote address by Paul Krugman on the current financial crisis in Greece and other countries in the European Union.
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For the latest Warren Buffett, go to – Warren likes to work with people that he likes and he likes to continue to grow Berkshire Hathaway. It is the painting that is never finished. He is going to do the same thing no matter what Citibank or the governments of the world are doing. He has never made an investment decision based on a macro view or any idea of what the world economy is doing or might do. The world will be here in ten years, and he wants to buy businesses that will be around at that time to serve people with goods and services. Growth is not a big factor in his investment decisions. He wants a business with a competitive advantage, good management, will be around in ten years, and is at a good price. Growth is good, but it is not a major factor in investment decisions. Central banks make mistakes, but most of the time they get it right. In the United States, the central bank have used most of the bullets that they have. Although there are some measures they can take, it is a small factor compared to the resilience of people and the market system. Steve Jobs may come out with a new product, or Amazon may figure out a more efficient way to distribute products. Those are the types of things that will move the economy forward, not a central bank. We don’t need any more monetary stimulus than we have already had. Over a period of time, there is no risk to the American economy. Over the next 100 years, there may be 15 terrible years, but it is
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13 thoughts on “The Geopolitical Implications of the Financial Crisis with keynote address by Paul Krugman

  1. the big problem (as usually) are the brits.. And the US “Love” exclusivly for Brittain…
    US do not “love” france or germany so we needed the brits to join in intirely and they didn’t because of the “greater” commonwealth… its a mess ! Europe is too dispar for it to work..

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  3. @ericfeinberg28 Well, you know it was all the fault of irresponsible borrowers which amounted to some $1.4T… meanwhile that number was leveraged out to $14T by Wall Street banksters…

  4. @4everpiano u should recognise the limit. printing money to an extant not endlessly. and that extant is something u can measure and deal with. u seem like to be with schiff and ron paul!!!

  5. @dentedpat – so you think we should print money like there is no tomorrow because we are in a recession? Tell me Genius, why wouldn’t the government just print out a million dollar check and hand it out to every man woman and child and solve the problem? You obviously is one of the believers of the “free lunch theory” and a Kkensyian clown”

  6. @Kmacdonald2008 there is more to economics than the value of currencies and bonds. There is this thing called productivity.

  7. @4everpiano Keynesian economics recommends correcting for economic downturns with fiscal policy not monetary policy. The idea that central banks can control the economy simply by controlling the money supply is the central idea of monetarism, a conservative economic theory whose creator (Friedman) admitted it had been empirically falsified. And the fact that you think too much debt is the problem when we are in the middle of a recession shows your ignorance as much as the first mistake did.

  8. 0:13 That expression on Buffet’s face looks like ‘Why am I here and what the fuck did you put on my goddamn forehead?’

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