21 thoughts on “The geopolitics of Georgia

  1. The man forgets to mention the fact that natural gas is a huge factor in this conflict Don’t believe me look it up GAZPROM GEOPOLITICS

  2. Capitalism is the wage slavery of immense humanity in a politically manipulated MARKET SYSTEM OF ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY ,a tyrannical,destructive system to perpetuate poverty and exploitation in the interest of the ruling class. Capitalism from its Genocidal killings of native Americans to the mercantile plundering and enslavement of African natives to its Millitaristic rise of European Powers to World wars and Financial serfdom of the world has been a DISASTEROUS minority imposition .

  3. Err, no. South Ossetia has been de facto independent since the breakup of the USSR. Georgia attacked South Ossetia, killing civilians and Russian peacekeepers. You’ve probably been spoonfed that crap by your dictator Mikheil.

  4. Go Georgia I’m British and understand what its like to have a nutter next door. Thinking of ou and dont give up

  5. lol do you even yourself belive that Georgia attacked Russia.. Seriouslly , it’s funny.. Why the hell we need to attack Russia, We are protecting whatever is ours and Ossetia and Abkhazia is Georgian land, according to all International Law that exists.. So if next time you will attack us we have already signed military charter with US , now they have all rights to help us wioth military.. So i don’t think anyone needs WW3, and u should be careful

  6. lol and did you hear all that info of my country in VODKANEWS channels of Russian fed..?lol
    You are taching me know what;s going on in my country? maybe you kind of get confused cuz it’s ur homeland where journalists get shot because they say the truth of Putin, and where there is no opposition what so ever:))lol
    you just simply need to calm down and care the less of my country of Geo, we are doing far better than ur beloved Putin has wished us to be..

  7. It is not hard to make? HAHAHA, likely for you it is more hard to make Hollywood movies?)) and there 100 % of proofs, but you them do not wish to see. You trust in that, in what you wish to trust. But in reality Saakashvili cannot cope with real problems of country, does a favourable mode only for USA, and has arrested almost all Georgian opposition and blocks their TV

  8. you see it’s not hard to make this kind of films, which never proves any singe fact..lol
    And you can have your opinion i don’t care who you hate or not, but don’t accuse georgian people of being blind.. It is our business our presidnt.. ANd GEorgian people are smart enough to take care of themselves without ur or anyone’s ideas of them!

  9. You did not look a film. There all is proved from the former agent on foreign policy of the USA. There Obama a monkey, as Bush, Saakashvili, Yushchenko, is proved that…

  10. oh and who can prove that?lol you do? just the fact that he received education at Columbia law school doens’t mean he is bought by Americans..
    No one needs to buy anyone, it’c called partnership and My copuntry is very good ally of US because that is only chance to get free from Russia, and we will be allyes with any single state who will be against Imperialist Russia…All these is that simple ..lol

  11. In this film told as Saakashvili has been bought by American government. If you do not search for the truth its very silly :(

  12. MAybe i see you as a stupid, i don’t care of ur ideas of me.. and if you have nothing left to say but just insults, that again proves how right i am ..lol

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