Top Ten Anti-Mormon Statements by Public Figures in 2011

(PRWEB) January 11, 2012

MormonVoices, a volunteer group dedicated to providing accurate information about the LDS Church, has released a list of the top ten anti-Mormon statements made by public figures in 2011.

Our intent in compiling this list is to both hold people accountable for inappropriate statements, and to help others see that certain claims about the LDS Church are incorrect, said Scott Gordon, a managing director of MormonVoices.

Individuals in the public eye have a responsibility to avoid prejudice and misinformation when speaking about religious beliefs. Religious bigotry is simply not acceptable, and people are starting to see that common claims about Mormons are actually untrue and prejudiced, continued Gordon.

The recent political ambitions and success of prominent Mormons such as Harry Reid, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman have put The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in a public spotlight, leading some in the media to characterize 2011 as the Mormon Moment.”

John Lynch, another managing director of MormonVoices, observed: “Some political operatives and religious figures have engaged in anti-Mormon rhetoric to achieve political ends. Public figures should rise above misrepresenting Mormon belief and spreading false information.

This isn’t about good-natured jokes or legitimate questions. We’re not concerned with comedians who make good-natured observations about Mormons, or responsible journalists who have reported on Mormons and their beliefs.

Instead, this is a list of statements that should be offensive to everyone, and are so disrespectful that their only effect will be to increase bigotry against Mormons. Just as with other minority groups, it should no longer be socially acceptable for public figures to incite such prejudice against Mormons or their faith.”

The Top Ten list can be found on the MormonVoices website,, and Lynch hopes that it will be widely shared online.

Each statement on the MormonVoices list is accompanied by an explanation of why it is inaccurate, with links to additional information.

MormonVoices is supportive of, but not owned by, controlled by, or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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Analyst for Profit Confidential Newsletter Reveals Why 2011 Was a Dud

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 05, 2012

As 2011 came to a close, George Leong, contributor to popular financial newsletter Profit Confidential, analyzed the year and why the forecasts have slightly missed their mark.

I expected tech and small-caps to drive the market in 2011, Leong writes in Profit Confidential, It looked that way earlier in the year, but then the European debt crisis materialized, China stalled, and stocks began to sink quickly.

Leong notes that, domestically, the housing market failed to improve at all in 2011. President Barack Obamas initiatives to reduce unemployment and drive consumer spending have fallen short of any sustained growth. The jobs market remains a major issue.

The lack of any leadership was the downfall for many in 2011, says Leong, The big banks failed to attract buying, while technology had its moments, but overall failed to inspire traders.

Leong believes that Europe will continue to be a major hurdle in 2012. China is also stalling, says Leong. According to the analyst, Chinas GDP estimates for 2012 range from as low as 6.5% to as high as 9.5%. I continue to favor China over the next several years, as long as Europe regenerates.

Profit Confidential, which has been published for over a decade now, has been widely recognized as predicting five major economic events over the past 10 years. In 2002, Profit Confidential started advising its readers to buy gold-related investments when gold traded under $ 300 an ounce. In 2006, it begged its readers to get out of the housing market…before it plunged.

Profit Confidential was among the first (back in late 2006) to predict that the U.S. economy would be in a recession by late 2007. The daily e-letter correctly predicted the crash in the stock market of 2008 and early 2009. And Profit Confidential turned bullish on stocks in March of 2009 and rode the bear market rally from a Dow Jones Industrial Average of 6,440 on March 9, 2009, to 12,876 on May 2, 2011, a gain of 99%.

To see the full article and to learn more about Profit Confidential, visit

Profit Confidential is Lombardi Publishing Corporations free daily investment e-letter. Written by financial gurus with over 100 years of combined investing experience, Profit Confidential analyzes and comments on the actions of the stock market, precious metals, interest rates, real estate, and the economy. Lombardi Publishing Corporation, founded in 1986, now with over one million customers in 141 countries, is one of the largest consumer information publishers in the world. For more on Lombardi, and to get the popular Profit Confidential e-letter sent to you daily, visit

Michael Lombardi, MBA, the lead Profit Confidential editorial contributor, has just released his most recent update of Critical Warning Number Six, a breakthrough video with Lombardis current predictions for the U.S. economy, stock market, U.S. dollar, euro, interest rates and inflation. To see the video, visit


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Vaultize Named Most Promising Technology Startup of 2011

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) December 28, 2011

Vaultize ( – an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and group sync solution was named as one of 2011s Most Promising Technology Startups from India by the countrys largest startup platform, The list was prepared out of 340 nominations and was based on several parameters – right from the financial performance in year 2011 to reaching certain milestones and most importantly, having a clear focus on business execution. Vaultize is one of the very few enterprise-class products build from the ground-up by any Indian startup. Vaultize is an enterprise-product with market across world competing directly with giants like Dropbox, endorsed Vaultize was also one of the finalists in Indias premier annual startup event UnPluggd.

In the previous month, Vaultize also received top honours as one of the Best Startups at PuneConnect 2011 an event jointly organized by the leading technology and startup communities including SEAP, TiE and PuneTech. Vaultize was selected for this award by an expert panel of judges for its groundbreaking advancements in enterprise-grade cloud-backup technology which promises to provide complete data protection to businesses of all size SMBs, SMEs and large enterprises at reasonable cost. The leading Business News Channel of India ETNow in its show called Starting Up endorsed Vaultize as the most exciting startup, “The company that got the most attention and interest of investor community was Vaultize.

Vaultize was also showcased to the leading IT companies of India at Zinnovs Globalization Conclave that provides industry leaders and professionals insight into emerging industry trends, networking opportunities and the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers on topics in the forefront of IT industry.

Vaultize is the first enterprise-class backup designed from the ground-up which also provides returns on investment. In addition to cloud backup with unlimited version history and quick disaster recovery capability, Vaultize also provides Group Sync Dropbox-like file sharing and synchronization across users with enterprise-grade control and centralized administration.

Vaultize also offers flexible cloud deployment options for enterprises. Enterprises can choose any public cloud provider and geographical location for their Vaultize deployment. Additionally they can choose to deploy Vaultize in their own private cloud, data center or in a virtual private cloud.

Vaultize pricing is affordable and pay-as-use. Businesses are charged flat fee per GB computed on the storage consumed in cloud – calculated post de-duplication and compression. And, there is no user, device or feature licensing. That means you can even share files with you business partners or clients outside your organization without having to pay anything extra.

About Vaultize:

Vaultize ( is a flagship product from Anoosmar Technologies a privately held and bootstrapped company with registered office in Pune (India). The co-founders Anand Kekre (CEO) and Ankur Panchbudhe (CTO), both IIT Bombay graduates, come with technology leadership and executive management experience working previously at IBM, VERITAS, Symantec, Reconnex and McAfee. They together hold 73 US patents in data protection, storage and security.

Vaultize is expanding in key markets across world through a network of partners.


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