What Does Rick Perry Believe on the Issues Voters Really Care About

Article by Kevin Marshall

What does Rick Perry believe on the issues voters care about? Let’s be honest here for a second. Many people are out of work. Other people have jobs, but they aren’t making enough money to pay the bills. You might love your job and love your income, but you are stuck in a house that is under water. It is estimated that over 25% of all homeowners are underwater on their homes, and this presents many challenges for people who need to move.People care about healthcare and how it is handled. Polls have shown over and over again that people don’t want ObamaCare. Businesses hate ObamaCare because they aren’t going to be able to afford to pay for all these new burdensome regulations associated with healthcare, and that means many companies are going to have to drop employee paid health benefits in the coming years.In my opinion, the economy is the big issue that most voters care about more than anything else. It’s the economy stupid! Jobs, the housing market, and healthcare all play huge factors in the health of the economy.What does Rick Perry believe on the issues voters care about?

Governor Rick Perry on Job GrowthPerry has a stellar track record on job creation. As the Governor of Texas, Perry’s state leads the nation in job growth over the past few years. While jobs have been disappearing across the country, many businesses have relocated to Texas because of their business friendly environment. Perry has demonstrated an ability to drive new jobs in the state even when the rest of the country can’t seem to find work.This phenomenon has been dubbed the “The Texas Miracle”. While many states have been losing population, Texas is gaining population quickly. There are 739,000 new people living in Texas since the beginning of 2008. Many other states are losing population, but Texas continues to grow fast.Texas has created more jobs than any state over the past three and a half years. Some states have actually lost jobs in this time. Even though their unemployment rate is at 8.2% at the time of this writing, their unemployment rate is higher than some other states because their population is increasing rapidly.Governor Perry and the Housing MarketThe state of Texas has some of the most affordable housing in the country. You can purchase a 2,000 sq. ft. house for $ 140,000 here, and that attracts more people to live in Texas.Unlike most of the rest of the United States, Texas hasn’t seen the same fluctuations in the housing market.While it is somewhat unclear how Perry might try to solve the housing crisis, it is clear that Perry’s economic policies would serve to stimulate the housing market by creating jobs and encouraging small business growth.Perry on HealthcareWhat does Rick Perry believe about healthcare? Perry has said he is firmly against Obamacare. In the recent GOP debate at the Reagan Presidential Library, he said he wants to do away with Obamacare, and he believes that the new healthcare laws are keeping unemployment high.If you really want to know what does Rick Perry believe, then you need to study up on all of the issues on your own! Perry has a long track record as the Governor of Texas, so voters won’t have to guess about Perry on the issues if he is elected the next President of the United States.

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Three Hot New E-book Releases Top Book Critics Are Raving About By Peter Thomas Senese Now Available On Amazon Kindle, B&N’s Nook, and Apple’s i-Pad

(PRWEB) December 30, 2011

Three recently released international thrillers about God, politics, and family written by best-selling author, filmmaker, and child advocate Peter Thomas Senese recently released in E-book have top book critics raving about his page-turners as must read inspirational thrillers that will impact your life and perhaps change the way you see the world. Senese’s geopolitical novels include CHASING THE CYCLONE, THE DEN OF THE ASSASSIN, and CLONING CHRIST written by best-selling geopolitical thriller writer Peter Thomas Senese.

Amazon’s renown HALL OF FAME reviewers are praising best-selling author’s Peter Thomas Senese’s recently released E-book international legal thriller CHASING THE CYCLONE as an electrifying story fans of high suspense thrillers should read. CHASING THE CYCLONE, presently available exclusively as an E-book on Amazon in E-book, is the story of a father’s search for his internationally abducted child inspired by the author’s own experience chasing the cyclones of abduction.

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley commented, “Chasing The Cyclone” isn’t just a powerful novel; it’s a call to arms against a growing epidemic that is tearing lives apart behind the headlines… “Chasing The Cyclone” is much more than just a superb, can’t-put-down novel, though; it is a book with a purpose… Peter Thomas Senese has become an outspoken advocate on this issue, and ‘Chasing The Cyclone’ makes for a clear and profoundly effective call to action. I would go so far as to encourage every loving parent to read this book, as the bond between this father and son is one to be emulated…”

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Harriett Klausner added, . . . “This is an exciting cautionary thriller that grips readers from the onset . . . “Chasing The Cyclone” will shake the audience, this exciting cautionary thriller grips readers from the onset…”

Dr. Grady Harp, a highly respected Amazon Hall Of Fame book reviewer said, “Peter Thomas Senese now opens the windows on the magnitude of these tragedies in his excellent “Chasing The Cyclone”… As if the fast paced energy of this story weren’t enough to satisfy the reader, Peter Thomas Senese demonstrates his quality as a writer of distinction on many levels… this impossible to put down book…”

In the wake of recent international events, including Iran’s capture of a U.S. drone spy plane by possible cyber-hacking combined with Russia’s immediate protective agreement to develop major oil fields in southern Iran, along with the death of North Korea’s isolationist dictator, Kim Jong, II, author Peter Thomas Senese is pleased to announce the release of his geopolitical thriller The Den of the Assassin on e-book.

The multi-dimensional plot is set on Wall Street and is based upon historical events that jettison the reader on a thrilling global geopolitical journey into the hidden and unseen worlds that exists within nations that have different global agendas than the United States and the West, including but not limited to China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Most concerning, as each nation has become more reliant on one another in our global society, a new level of extraordinary vulnerability to our national security has been created, one perhaps we may not be prepared for. In The Den of the Assassin, believe readers will find the uniquely accurate information on this subject that is carefully weaved through an intricate, entertaining storyline to be quite fascinating – and disturbing.

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley stated, “This is one seriously good thriller. Billed as “a novel of international finance and espionage,” Den of the Assassin is a super-realistic exploration of frightening possibilities, unsurpassed heroism, Lucifer-like evil, and terrorism of the worst kind . . . Peter Thomas Senese does a masterful job traversing the inner hallways of diverse institutions as he slowly brings all of these diverse elements together for a slam-bang climax … “Peter Thomas Senese displays a wealth of knowledge of geopolitics, espionage, and international finance, describing all the technical intricacies of the story’s elements and implications with great attention to detail -without ever letting the pace get bogged down or become confusing to the reader. He also keeps a number of secrets close to the vest, saving them for just the right time in the story . . . Many a writer of thrillers seem to drop the ball somewhere in the middle of their novels, but Peter Thomas Senese’s’ knowledge of geopolitics, international finance, and 21st century terrorist threats keeps the fires of detailed complexity and story evolution stoked and red-hot for the entire ride. Tyler Boxter is no James Bond, but Den of the Assassin proves to be just as exciting as any 007 caper – and much more realistic.”

Cloning Christ, Peter Thomas Senese’s theological thriller that asks the question, “What would you do if you held the potential True Cross of Jesus in your hands, and it contained blood and hair strains on it? has had readers from around the world talking about the endless possibilities Senese brings out in his novel that pushes the question of where and how science and faith can co-exist in today’s world.

Amazon Hall Of Fame book critic Harriett Klausner commented, “Fans will relish this thriller. The tale is loaded with action yet uses the characters as symbols of mankind similar to a medieval passion play like Everyman. The cast represents the faithful, the disbelievers, the dividers (torn between science and religion) or the selfish. “Cloning Christ” brings the debate of religion vs. science to the forefront in an exciting manner that focuses on the sacredness of life.”

Peter Thomas Senese is a child abduction prevention advocate actively engaged in trying to stop international child abduction and human trafficking. He is a director of the I CARE Foundation. 100% of Peter Thomas Senese’s royalties earned from the E-book releases of Chasing The Cyclone, The Den of the Assassin, and Cloning Christ will be donated to the I CARE Foundation.


Osama bin Laden – What Do we Know About Him?

The Islamic fundamentalist leader Osama bin Laden (born 1957), a harsh critic of the United States and its policies, is widely believed to have orchestrated the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa, as well as the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden.

But it is his role as the apparent mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that had made bin Laden one of the most infamous and sought-after figures in recent history.

Bin Laden’s hatred for America had become well known, but nothing had prepared Americans for the most extravagant and heinous plot allegedly hatched by the terrorist leader: the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. On the clear, late-summer morning, two hijacked commercial jets flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. About an hour later, another hijacked airliner slammed into the Pentagon in the nation’s capital. A fourth hijacked jet did not reach its target, crashing in Western Pennsylvania instead. When the massive towers collapsed in flames, thousands perished. Among those lost in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania were the 19 hijackers, most of whom had been linked to Al Qaeda operations. Bin Laden denied involvement in the attacks, but he praised the hijackers for their acts.

The U.S. government nevertheless regarded the terrorist leader as their prime suspect. U.S. President at that time, George W. Bush demanded that Afghanistan’s Taliban government turn him over or face war, but to no avail. In early October 2001, U.S. forces began striking Afghan targets, declaring a war on terrorism and on the countries that harbor terrorists.

What do we know about Osama bin Laden? What does the name ‘bin Laden’ actually mean? Son of Laden, bin is written with a small b, because it’s actually the word ‘son’ rather than a name. His father, interestingly enough, wasn’t really called Laden, but Mohammed bin Laden. Without really knowing anything about the family’s history, the name ‘Laden’ was a major player in the family’s history and his sons apparently took the last name as a sign of respect.

Where did bin Laden’s wealth come from? This question raises some interesting issues. Just by taking a look at the details of his father’s assets it becomes clear that the vast majority of his alleged wealth did NOT come from there. The family business for years was construction. Osama was one among fifty other siblings, and his father would have had to possess 15 BILLION dollars at the time of his death, but CNN reports claim his assets were worth considerably less.

Considering that Osama’s Mother never married his father, it’s doubtful the largest part of his estate was handed over to him. So, that leaves only three options. Either the US0-300 million estimate of bin Laden’s assets is way too high, or the estimates of what it costs to run a terrorist network are way too high or he has some extremely lucrative sources of income that provides him with far more that his inheritance did.

Under extreme pressure from Egypt in 1994, Saudi Arabia permanently seized Osama bin Laden’s passport. This caused him to flee the relative comfort of the jet-set lifestyle to settle in Sudan, from where he would be driven to the even more distressed country of Afghanistan.

Was he expelled from Sudan?  The year 1996 was pretty bad for Osama, and many say he was so humiliated by the incident, that he always denied that it even took place. According to reports, he was expelled from the country of Sudan in 1996. Osama had always maintained that he left Sudan to spare the government and his friends any grief. More than likely though, his Sudanese friends got fed up with harboring his activities and forcefully expelled him, as they all claim to be the ‘true’ story.

Osama bin Laden was the leader of a terrorist group, who had not only murdered thousands of Americans, and bragged about it, but was planning yet more attacks from his Pakistani hideaway. Only fools would argue that we could fight Al Qaeda’s violence non-violently. So, the revelers outside the White House who celebrated the killing of Osama bin Laden were applauding the fact that justice had finally been done. When college kids spontaneously streamed out to the White House, ground zero and elsewhere after hearing that Osama bin laden had been killed, they were the opposite of bloodthirsty: they were happy that one of the most certifiably evil figures of our time was no more.

In November 2001, American forces were dropping leaflets across Afghanistan notifying people of the U.S. Department’s million dollar reward for the capture of Osama bin Laden.

Now that he’s been killed, it’s not yet known whether the million will be collected by anyone. But since the Navy Seals who killed bin Laden went to a targeted location, it is possible that they had been informed by someone in advance. According to U.S. administration officials, unidentified detainees provided a key piece of information that helped investigators locate bin Laden.

Therefore, if no one is going to collect the federal government’s Osama bin Laden reward money, two New York congressmen want bin Laden’s victims to get it. “If the bounty isn’t paid,” then “families and groups who helped deal with survivors of 9/11” should benefit, said Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner. Though the State Department’s reward was million, the total bounty could be as much as million thanks to a bill passed by then-Sen. Hillary Clinton in 2004. The reward money was allocated for 9/11 victims and should effectively be used for the purpose that it was set up in the first place. What do you think? 

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