The Geopolitical Implications of the Financial Crisis with keynote address by Paul Krugman

The Center for International Security Study’s second annual symposium was held on May 13-14, 2010 at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. Focusing on the world’s financial crisis and its implications on geopolitics and strategic relationships across the globe, the symposium was launched by a keynote address by Paul Krugman on the current financial crisis in Greece and other countries in the European Union.
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For the latest Warren Buffett, go to – Warren likes to work with people that he likes and he likes to continue to grow Berkshire Hathaway. It is the painting that is never finished. He is going to do the same thing no matter what Citibank or the governments of the world are doing. He has never made an investment decision based on a macro view or any idea of what the world economy is doing or might do. The world will be here in ten years, and he wants to buy businesses that will be around at that time to serve people with goods and services. Growth is not a big factor in his investment decisions. He wants a business with a competitive advantage, good management, will be around in ten years, and is at a good price. Growth is good, but it is not a major factor in investment decisions. Central banks make mistakes, but most of the time they get it right. In the United States, the central bank have used most of the bullets that they have. Although there are some measures they can take, it is a small factor compared to the resilience of people and the market system. Steve Jobs may come out with a new product, or Amazon may figure out a more efficient way to distribute products. Those are the types of things that will move the economy forward, not a central bank. We don’t need any more monetary stimulus than we have already had. Over a period of time, there is no risk to the American economy. Over the next 100 years, there may be 15 terrible years, but it is
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indeni Partners with SOS Security to Address Critical Customer Needs in Network Security Infrastructure Monitoring

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem (PRWEB) January 12, 2012

indeni, the market leader in security infrastructure monitoring, today announced a new alliance with SOS Security, adding indenis unique, high-resolution monitoring system for network security to SOS security portfolio. indeni, the first and only automated system of its kind, enables users to identify, prevent and quickly remediate potential security downtime issuesoften before the business is impacted.

SOS Security plays a unique role in the industry; one that brings all the various technology pieces together on the clients behalf, one client at a time, one unique solution at a time. Each clients individual security requirements are addressed, and aligned in an overall business solution, not just point products.

Security devices are placed at critical points in our customers’ networks, so they see these devices as key in preserving network stability, says Kirk Jones, President of SOS Security. The market has been waiting for a system like indeni that automates the process of monitoring their security infrastructure, and also comes with a depth of knowledge to ensure the right issues are being monitored. We are delighted to now be able to offer our customers a system which should both increase their network stability and ease their administrators workloads.

SOS Securitys executive management team is led by security experts, including two veterans with over 30 years combined industry experience. Many team members come from previous employers in the security and networking marketplace including Check Point, Juniper, McAfee, Packeteer, RSA, and others.

Through extensive relationships with leading manufacturers of information security technologies, SOS Security continuously advocates for their clients regarding the development and delivery of products directly respondent to end-user and client requirements. Security infrastructures have become large multi-vendor environments with a high degree of complexity, adds Kirk. With more manufacturer experience than most security solutions providers in the nation, SOS Security has the breadth, knowledge, and insight to address virtually any issue that our clients bring to us – and we at SOS believe that indeni is a solution that should be part of every firewall deployment to ensure uptime, stability and give a new level of hardware visibility to our customers.

indeni was designed to cut monitoring setup and administration time, lower costs, and ensure a stable, secure network. We are committed to the broadest and deepest coverage possible for network security infrastructure, while also removing the frustration and high resource requirements that this coverage usually involves, says Elad Ben-Meir, VP Products and Strategy for indeni. Therefore we are delighted to partner with SOS Security in bringing indeni to the market.”

Ben-Meir continues, “We know from experience that network administrators are looking for better and more efficient ways to manage their security infrastructure, and SOS Security is perfectly positioned to deliver indenis centralized infrastructure coverage to the customers who need it. We are very excited by this joint effort and look forward to its continued success.

More information about indenis proactive monitoring software for security operations and its alliance with SOS Security is available at

About indeni:

indenis solutions are the first to provide true proactive monitoring for network security infrastructure, giving administrators an intuitive tool set that cuts remediation times from days to minutes and alerts IT staff to errors and issues before they effect the business. Founded by software and information security experts with decades of IT experience in businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, indeni’s solutions derive from years of observing IT professionals around the world struggling with similar infrastructure stability problems. We are committed to providing user-friendly, highly intuitive solutions that improve stability in a resource-effective and administrator-friendly way.

About SOS Security:

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SOS Security is the premier provider of information security products and solutions. Since its inception in 2001, SOS Security has grown steadily to establish its position as a market leader. Customers choose SOS Security to intelligently manage risk, maintain compliance, accelerate, and protect their business from evolving threats. SOS Security has extensive relationships with leading security manufacturers in the marketplace today, which it leverages in order to architect a complete security solution for its customers. SOS Security is focused on meeting the clients business needs by providing the tools, knowledge, and services needed to get the job done. From initial analysis to implementation, verification to staff training, SOS Security enhances network security and performance through customized, business-focused solutions.