A Small Green step to stop the next terrorist attack

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What will your reaction be, when I’ll tell you that it was probably your and my money that allowed the monstrous attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001?

Will you be In Shock? Will you be mad? Furious?

Your first word will probably be: How?

The next time you stop at a Gas station, use the few minutes that it takes you to fill your tank, while you insert the pump to fill your car,take a good look at it [the pump] and then down to the ground and try to Imagine the pipes leading the petrol to its current destination and try to Imagine the reverse way and ask the simple question:

Where are the pipes connected to at the end of the line?

Well, I did a little research that I would like to share with you

According to Wikipedia


The number one country to produce oil is Saudi Arabia.

Want to know where Osama bin Laden was born?


You don’t have to click on the link to know the answer; it is already written [three lines] above.

That’s right, he was born in Saudi Arabia to a wealthy family whose main business is Oil and Construction (It is well known that the Bush family have Oil business connection with the good side of the Bin Laden family).If you will keep scanning the list on producing Oil you will find at # 4 a “little country” by the name of Iran, a country in which the government describes the U.S by the lovely name “Big Devil” for the last 30 years. A country whose current Leader is the # 1 Fan of Osama Bin Laden, a leader whose main purpose is to build a Nuclear bomb, and if successful – could lead to World War 3.

What an horrific idea to think that every single time that we fill our car with gas these people get closer to accomplishing their dreams.

Want to know how we can stop this from happening?

Click here http://snorka77.water4gas.hop.clickbank.net/

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