Three Hot New E-book Releases Top Book Critics Are Raving About By Peter Thomas Senese Now Available On Amazon Kindle, B&N’s Nook, and Apple’s i-Pad

(PRWEB) December 30, 2011

Three recently released international thrillers about God, politics, and family written by best-selling author, filmmaker, and child advocate Peter Thomas Senese recently released in E-book have top book critics raving about his page-turners as must read inspirational thrillers that will impact your life and perhaps change the way you see the world. Senese’s geopolitical novels include CHASING THE CYCLONE, THE DEN OF THE ASSASSIN, and CLONING CHRIST written by best-selling geopolitical thriller writer Peter Thomas Senese.

Amazon’s renown HALL OF FAME reviewers are praising best-selling author’s Peter Thomas Senese’s recently released E-book international legal thriller CHASING THE CYCLONE as an electrifying story fans of high suspense thrillers should read. CHASING THE CYCLONE, presently available exclusively as an E-book on Amazon in E-book, is the story of a father’s search for his internationally abducted child inspired by the author’s own experience chasing the cyclones of abduction.

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley commented, “Chasing The Cyclone” isn’t just a powerful novel; it’s a call to arms against a growing epidemic that is tearing lives apart behind the headlines… “Chasing The Cyclone” is much more than just a superb, can’t-put-down novel, though; it is a book with a purpose… Peter Thomas Senese has become an outspoken advocate on this issue, and ‘Chasing The Cyclone’ makes for a clear and profoundly effective call to action. I would go so far as to encourage every loving parent to read this book, as the bond between this father and son is one to be emulated…”

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Harriett Klausner added, . . . “This is an exciting cautionary thriller that grips readers from the onset . . . “Chasing The Cyclone” will shake the audience, this exciting cautionary thriller grips readers from the onset…”

Dr. Grady Harp, a highly respected Amazon Hall Of Fame book reviewer said, “Peter Thomas Senese now opens the windows on the magnitude of these tragedies in his excellent “Chasing The Cyclone”… As if the fast paced energy of this story weren’t enough to satisfy the reader, Peter Thomas Senese demonstrates his quality as a writer of distinction on many levels… this impossible to put down book…”

In the wake of recent international events, including Iran’s capture of a U.S. drone spy plane by possible cyber-hacking combined with Russia’s immediate protective agreement to develop major oil fields in southern Iran, along with the death of North Korea’s isolationist dictator, Kim Jong, II, author Peter Thomas Senese is pleased to announce the release of his geopolitical thriller The Den of the Assassin on e-book.

The multi-dimensional plot is set on Wall Street and is based upon historical events that jettison the reader on a thrilling global geopolitical journey into the hidden and unseen worlds that exists within nations that have different global agendas than the United States and the West, including but not limited to China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Most concerning, as each nation has become more reliant on one another in our global society, a new level of extraordinary vulnerability to our national security has been created, one perhaps we may not be prepared for. In The Den of the Assassin, believe readers will find the uniquely accurate information on this subject that is carefully weaved through an intricate, entertaining storyline to be quite fascinating – and disturbing.

Amazon Hall of Fame book reviewer Daniel Jolley stated, “This is one seriously good thriller. Billed as “a novel of international finance and espionage,” Den of the Assassin is a super-realistic exploration of frightening possibilities, unsurpassed heroism, Lucifer-like evil, and terrorism of the worst kind . . . Peter Thomas Senese does a masterful job traversing the inner hallways of diverse institutions as he slowly brings all of these diverse elements together for a slam-bang climax … “Peter Thomas Senese displays a wealth of knowledge of geopolitics, espionage, and international finance, describing all the technical intricacies of the story’s elements and implications with great attention to detail -without ever letting the pace get bogged down or become confusing to the reader. He also keeps a number of secrets close to the vest, saving them for just the right time in the story . . . Many a writer of thrillers seem to drop the ball somewhere in the middle of their novels, but Peter Thomas Senese’s’ knowledge of geopolitics, international finance, and 21st century terrorist threats keeps the fires of detailed complexity and story evolution stoked and red-hot for the entire ride. Tyler Boxter is no James Bond, but Den of the Assassin proves to be just as exciting as any 007 caper – and much more realistic.”

Cloning Christ, Peter Thomas Senese’s theological thriller that asks the question, “What would you do if you held the potential True Cross of Jesus in your hands, and it contained blood and hair strains on it? has had readers from around the world talking about the endless possibilities Senese brings out in his novel that pushes the question of where and how science and faith can co-exist in today’s world.

Amazon Hall Of Fame book critic Harriett Klausner commented, “Fans will relish this thriller. The tale is loaded with action yet uses the characters as symbols of mankind similar to a medieval passion play like Everyman. The cast represents the faithful, the disbelievers, the dividers (torn between science and religion) or the selfish. “Cloning Christ” brings the debate of religion vs. science to the forefront in an exciting manner that focuses on the sacredness of life.”

Peter Thomas Senese is a child abduction prevention advocate actively engaged in trying to stop international child abduction and human trafficking. He is a director of the I CARE Foundation. 100% of Peter Thomas Senese’s royalties earned from the E-book releases of Chasing The Cyclone, The Den of the Assassin, and Cloning Christ will be donated to the I CARE Foundation.


CIA Mom “Connecting the Dots” on Osama bin Laden Since 1993 — Now Offers Hope in New Book

CIA Mom “Connecting the Dots” on Osama bin Laden Since 1993 — Now Offers Hope in New Book

Deadwood, OR (PRWEB) January 20, 2009

In a series of exit interviews President George W. Bush has stated repeatedly no one was “connecting the dots” on Osama bin Laden, and we were not aware of the threat of al-Qaeda. A publisher in Deadwood, Oregon challenges this sentiment in NATIONAL SECURITY MOM: WHY “GOING SOFT” WILL MAKE AMERICA STRONG written by 20-year counter-terrorism expert for the CIA, Gina Bennett.

“Bennett is among the very few who can accurately claim to have ‘connected the dots’ prior to the September 11, 2001, attacks. And she did so nine years before…,” writes Dr. Bruce Hoffman in his Jan. 6, 2009 National Interest review of NATIONAL SECURITY MOM. He continues, “A recently declassified assessment that Bennett wrote in 1993, titled ‘The Wandering Mujahidin: Armed and Dangerous’ clearly shows that at least someone in the vast windowless corridors that comprise this community in fact understood the threat and the manner in which it would unfold.”

The National Interest Jan/Feb 2009 issue, emblazon with a 70s-inspired “Obama’s Angels” icon featuring Clinton, Napolitano, and Rice denoting Hoffman’s cover article, “The Age of Woman,” reviews NATIONAL SECURITY MOM alongside Peggy Noonan’s PATRIOTIC GRACE. Hoffman, a professor at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, comments, “…many voters concluded in the recent presidential election that we had lost that moral compass and were adrift politically, economically, and in terms of our foreign policy and national security. PATRIOTIC GRACE and NATIONAL SECURITY MOM both offer prescriptions not just for improvement, but for redemption. Despite deceptively simple messages, these books offer useful guides for all of us to help build a safer, more secure and, most importantly, morally strong and superbly confident America.”

NATIONAL SECURITY MOM empowers Americans to engage with confidence in the public national security debate and reinforces that true and lasting security is a nationwide effort that begins at home, precisely the spirit of volunteerism and compassion that President-elect Obama is seeking to reinvigorate. Bennett states, “Our security rests with the endurance of our values and principles of democracy and our commitment to them. Our strength is not a projection of power or the absence of a challenge. It is the character our nation demonstrates when challenged that makes America strong and secure.”

CNN’s National Security Analyst Peter Bergen states, “Gina Bennett has been one of the most perceptive and influential forces in understanding transnational terrorism and prioritizing the challenges policy makers need to address. NATIONAL SECURITY MOM is perhaps her most important work to date as it opens the door for all Americans to participate in securing our nation in a more meaningful way.”

After having been chosen a “Superwoman” for an Alicia Keys concert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Bennett was featured on the website–offering a very different image of the CIA than commonly seen in the media, that of an average working mom who calls a day a success when “nothing bad is going to happen in small part because of the work I’ve done.” The CIA article amusingly states, “During her 20 years of government service, Bennett has had her share of chaotic days. Once, while volunteering at her children’s elementary school, she was called in to brief President George W. Bush, ‘There I was in jeans with photocopier ink all over me entirely absorbed in helping a kindergarten class. A few hours later I was briefing the President,’ Bennett said. ‘When I got home I had to deal with my child’s disappointment with my leaving her class so abruptly. To this day, I’m not sure which was the tougher crowd.'”

NATIONAL SECURITY MOM redefines national security from the inside, and inspires it from the bottom up, offering a refreshing mainstream approach to ending the war on terrorism while rebuilding our moral reputation globally by each of us having a small affect locally.

Bin Laden’s new January 2009 audio tape predicts an inheritance of “…two wars and the collapse of the economy” which he says will render the United States unable to sustain a long fight against the Mujahidin. Bennett, who since her early prescient warnings has been hunting for this man and the terrorist regimes he represents, has to agree, “If we want total security, we could abandon health care and social security reform, the improvement of our public education, and our ability to rebuild after a natural disaster in favor of spending all of our national resources on security and the ‘war on terror.'” Will Obama heed Bennett’s words unlike Bush? And will moms, inspired by Bennett’s book, make sure the next generation inherits a deep sense of values, a commitment to the principles of democracy, and the strength to not be afraid? This Oregon publisher hopes so.

NATIONAL SECURITY MOM (Wyatt-MacKenzie, NOV. 2008) is available nationwide from booksellers in hardcover, and in an early-release paperback on JAN. 20, 2009. Visit for the video, declassified documents, and activities for the kids. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc. in Deadwood, Oregon celebrates eleven years as the leading independent publisher of mom writers. Visit for more information.

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Liberality For All #2 is Released, in World’s First Conservative Comic Book Series

Liberality For All #2 is Released, in World’s First Conservative Comic Book Series

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) March 14, 2006 — Rush Limbaugh dead? Vice President Michael Moore? Ambassador Usama bin Laden? And a female president named Clinton? While it sounds like a description of both a Leftist utopia and a Conservatives nightmare, in reality (or in this case… alternate reality). It is the Liberality For All comic book mini-series.

Following up on the controversial premiere issue of “the world’s first Conservative comic book,” Liberality For All #2 (of 8 issues) delves deeper into a Liberal-dominated dystopia where Ambassador Usama bin Laden is welcomed to New York City by the United Nations to apologize for the “misunderstanding” of 9/11. But never fear … the last hope for American Conservatism (bio-mechanically altered Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North) have set out to thwart bin Laden’s plans to nuke the city on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Liberality For All has become one of the most talked-about comic book series in recent years — and arguably the most politically divisive ever — and has been the subject of news features in the Boston Globe, Cybercast News Service, the Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Hannity & Colmes television program. The National Review called it “…a hysterical, hilarious romp through a nightmarish right-wing fantasy land.” This outrageous jingoistic journey into neo-con madness is laden with some not-so-subtle metaphorically illustrated political commentary, which continues to satire the Left while parodying the worse fears of many Conservatives.

Series creator Mike Mackey said: “Since the publication of the first issue, Al Gore has called Bush’s America ‘an alternate universe,’ Usama bin Laden has suggested a ‘truce’ with America, and there are even those suggesting ‘negotiations’ with the terrorist group Hamas. It makes one ask himself: Is the Liberal appeasement culture foretold in Liberality For All really that far from the mark?”

The full-color 32-page issue #2 is now available at comic book stores nationwide and directly from the publisher’s website at Like its preceding issue, it is available in two alternate covers with a SRP of $ 2.99.

Liberality For All is perpetrated by creator and writer Mike Mackey, with art by Donny Lin, published by ACC Studios. Review copies of LFA #1 and #2 are available upon demand to anyone in the media; anyone wishing to venture into the twisted right-wing mind of its creator is invited to email either request to m_mackey @ .

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