Liberality For All #2 is Released, in World’s First Conservative Comic Book Series

Liberality For All #2 is Released, in World’s First Conservative Comic Book Series

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) March 14, 2006 — Rush Limbaugh dead? Vice President Michael Moore? Ambassador Usama bin Laden? And a female president named Clinton? While it sounds like a description of both a Leftist utopia and a Conservatives nightmare, in reality (or in this case… alternate reality). It is the Liberality For All comic book mini-series.

Following up on the controversial premiere issue of “the world’s first Conservative comic book,” Liberality For All #2 (of 8 issues) delves deeper into a Liberal-dominated dystopia where Ambassador Usama bin Laden is welcomed to New York City by the United Nations to apologize for the “misunderstanding” of 9/11. But never fear … the last hope for American Conservatism (bio-mechanically altered Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North) have set out to thwart bin Laden’s plans to nuke the city on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Liberality For All has become one of the most talked-about comic book series in recent years — and arguably the most politically divisive ever — and has been the subject of news features in the Boston Globe, Cybercast News Service, the Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Hannity & Colmes television program. The National Review called it “…a hysterical, hilarious romp through a nightmarish right-wing fantasy land.” This outrageous jingoistic journey into neo-con madness is laden with some not-so-subtle metaphorically illustrated political commentary, which continues to satire the Left while parodying the worse fears of many Conservatives.

Series creator Mike Mackey said: “Since the publication of the first issue, Al Gore has called Bush’s America ‘an alternate universe,’ Usama bin Laden has suggested a ‘truce’ with America, and there are even those suggesting ‘negotiations’ with the terrorist group Hamas. It makes one ask himself: Is the Liberal appeasement culture foretold in Liberality For All really that far from the mark?”

The full-color 32-page issue #2 is now available at comic book stores nationwide and directly from the publisher’s website at Like its preceding issue, it is available in two alternate covers with a SRP of $ 2.99.

Liberality For All is perpetrated by creator and writer Mike Mackey, with art by Donny Lin, published by ACC Studios. Review copies of LFA #1 and #2 are available upon demand to anyone in the media; anyone wishing to venture into the twisted right-wing mind of its creator is invited to email either request to m_mackey @ .

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