Noam Chomsky and Robert Fisk – War, Geopolitics, and History 1/7

Noam Chomsky, professor, linguistics, MIT Robert Fisk, correspondent, The Independent Journalist Robert Fisk of the UK-based publication, The Independent, recounts his experiences traveling around the world and living in the Middle East, Fisk speaks on history and geopolitics in the Middle East. His focus is on the problems with journalism in the United States, which include an over-reliance on what government authorities say and the common mode of reporting ‘from Baghdad’ but entirely within the confines of a hotel room. Using newspaper articles and speeches from politicians, Fisk illustrates the lack of concern for Iraqis as human beings. Fisk’s talk also looks at the Armenian genocide, which was downplayed in Western media. After the talk, Fisk fields questions ranging from the rumors of civil war in Iraq to the situation in Lebanon. The event was organized by the Armenian National Committee’s Eastern Region in conjunction with the Technology and Culture Forum at MIT and the Harvard Alliance for Justice in the Middle East. Additional sponsors included the MIT Thistle, the MIT Social Justice Cooperative, and the Nation Institute.
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Analyst Marko Papic examines Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s trip to the United States in the context of Russia’s historical pattern of modernization. Details History of the World Trade Center from Construction to Destruction Details History of the World Trade Center from Construction to Destruction

Cedar Rapids, IA (PRWEB) March 29, 2006, a free service of, contains more than 15,000 full-image newspaper pages on the World Trade Center and the events surrounding September 11, 2001. Historic articles, like the unveiling of the plans for the twin towers in 1964, can be found in the archive along with newspapers from September 11 and the aftermath.

“Americans will never forget the images of crashing planes and the World Trade Center towers coming down,” said Greg Hollingsworth, researcher for September 11 Archive. “Yet, this archive not only conveys the tragic moments of September 11, 2001, but also explains the history behind the buildings and events.”

Along with the newspaper archive, the website contains a timeline detailed with newspaper accounts. For example, next to 1966 an article from August 4, 1966, explains the agreement reached between the port authorities of New York and New Jersey to build the World Trade Center. Several front page newspapers from September 11, 2001, can also be found in the timeline.

“September 11 defines a generation that was not around when JFK was assassinated or when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon,” said Jeff Kiley, General Manager of “Therefore, those old enough to have witnessed the event will never forget images from that day.”

With Adobe Reader and Optical Character Recognition technology, students and researchers can quickly obtain articles about the World Trade Center by searching with key words or dates. For instance, if researchers type in the word “memorial,” newspapers about memorial ceremonies for the victims of the attacks will appear. Specific articles can be found by typing in the date along with a key word. If “memorial” is searched on January 7, 2004, the day after the design was chosen for the World Trade Center Memorial, articles about the planned memorial can be found. is part of a series of free newspaper archives that include websites like,,, and Topics for future free archives can be suggested by emailing news

Researchers interested in finding more information about the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaida can go to where there are 27,588 newspaper images on the World Trade Center, 316,185 on the Pentagon, 14,518 on Osama Bin Laden and 18,920 on al-Qaida., the largest database available online, is owned by Heritage Microfilm and began in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1999.

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