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the myth is almost over, “ghosted away” 2011

A few nice osama bin laden tapes images I found:

the myth is almost over, “ghosted away” 2011
osama bin laden tapes
Image by torbakhopper
r.i.p. the short term memory lapses of the u.s. public.

"Almost 10 years ago, Osama bin Laden ghosted away from the Afghan battlefields. Since then, it is as if the doomsday sheikh had slipped into a twilight zone where the only proof that he was alive was the chilling voice on a spool of tape, the occasional video image – and a string of terrorist outrages and wars lengthening around the globe that claim inspiration from him and his cause."

yep, that’s right, he’s STILL DEAD!!!!! killed ten years ago, people.

but hey, there’s more people on "medication" than ever before in any historical context that is fact or fiction.

more people who can’t be bothered to even read about the "alleged" connection between OBL and the man who organized the apparent bombing of the world T cen ter. the fact that people still don’t get that it was a corporate demolition job, not a political terrorist attack is still astonishing.

so believe what you want.

but dammit, do some first hand research, people. at least listen to the official report on the event that was released to the public.

it’s full of lies, too, but it will at give you a broader and clearer picture on how this govt has been usurped by rogue investors.

osama bin laden tapes
Image by @mjb
Author and former State Department employee, William Blum.

A couple of weeks after this event, a tape then released by Al Qaeda of a message from Osama bin Laden mis-quoted Blum’s work, attributing a partial quote of Blum’s sentitments to the wrong title authored by the researcher.

George W Bush Monument_5
osama bin laden tapes
Image by George W Bush Monument
(someone walked by and taped this on the granite retaining-wall behind the monument…she didn’t say anything…I’m guessing its in protest to the monument)