The Geopolitical Implications of the Financial Crisis with keynote address by Paul Krugman

The Center for International Security Study’s second annual symposium was held on May 13-14, 2010 at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. Focusing on the world’s financial crisis and its implications on geopolitics and strategic relationships across the globe, the symposium was launched by a keynote address by Paul Krugman on the current financial crisis in Greece and other countries in the European Union.
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For the latest Warren Buffett, go to – Warren likes to work with people that he likes and he likes to continue to grow Berkshire Hathaway. It is the painting that is never finished. He is going to do the same thing no matter what Citibank or the governments of the world are doing. He has never made an investment decision based on a macro view or any idea of what the world economy is doing or might do. The world will be here in ten years, and he wants to buy businesses that will be around at that time to serve people with goods and services. Growth is not a big factor in his investment decisions. He wants a business with a competitive advantage, good management, will be around in ten years, and is at a good price. Growth is good, but it is not a major factor in investment decisions. Central banks make mistakes, but most of the time they get it right. In the United States, the central bank have used most of the bullets that they have. Although there are some measures they can take, it is a small factor compared to the resilience of people and the market system. Steve Jobs may come out with a new product, or Amazon may figure out a more efficient way to distribute products. Those are the types of things that will move the economy forward, not a central bank. We don’t need any more monetary stimulus than we have already had. Over a period of time, there is no risk to the American economy. Over the next 100 years, there may be 15 terrible years, but it is
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Ron Paul Seals Position as Romney Alternative

Manchester, NH (PRWEB) January 11, 2012

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul tripled his 2008 vote totals Tuesday, capturing a strong second in the New Hampshire Primary, reports Revolution PAC. Exit polls showed voters prioritizing moral character and true conservative positions, as well as independent-leaning voters, selected Rep. Paul over his rivals.

As Rep. Paul stated in his victory speech tonight, noted Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi, his campaign is about presenting a real challenge to the status quo. He continues to show a strong and necessary crossover appeal with independents and disaffected democrats. We congratulate Congressman Paul on his outstanding success in New Hampshire.

Rep. Paul stood at 23 percent of the vote with more than 90 percent of precincts reporting.

As candidates prepare for the South Carolina Primary January 21, polls continue to show that only Paul and Mitt Romney can prevail over incumbent Barack Obama. In a head-to-head matchup with Obama, independent voters prefer Paul, a CBS News poll suggested on Monday. A total of 47 percent of independent voters said they would choose Ron Paul compared to 45 percent of independent voters choosing Romney against Obama.

Reinforcing what is shaping up as a two-man race, Paul and Romney are the only Republican candidates who have successfully secured positions on the primary ballots of every state, reported South Carolinas The State newspaper Tuesday.

Revolution PAC is supporting U.S. Rep. Ron Pauls campaign for the Republican nomination and consistent, constitutional message with targeted TV advertising, direct mail campaigns and innovative Web promotions complemented by billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Unlimited donations by individuals, businesses and organizations are being accepted by Revolution PAC to support that effort.


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