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Four GOP candidates fail to make Virginia primary ballot, judge rules
The names of Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich will not appear on the Virginia primary ballot. A federal judge on Friday ruled against four Republican presidential candidates seeking a spot on Virginia's March 6 primary ballot, …
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Jamie Johnson, Rick Santorum Staffer, Criticized By Bachmann Campaign For
A staffer to Rick Santorum is roiled in controversy as the Des Moines Register revealed parts of an email he wrote last summer questioning whether a woman could be president. "The question then comes, 'Is it God's highest desire, that is, …
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Rick Santorum: I might win Iowa caucuses recount
GREENVILLE, SC — Rick Santorum says the Iowa caucuses may not be over yet. Eleven days after he was declared a very narrow second place finisher — behind Mitt Romney by just eight votes — the former Pennsylvania senator predicted Saturday at a town …
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Rick Santorum attacks former pal Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum attacks former pal Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. Santorum had largely avoided political attacks against Gingrich, whom he once considered a political mentor. But on Friday, the glove came off as Santorum took the former House speaker to task for being insufficiently …
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Rick Santorum rejuvenates campaign in South Carolina
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is looking to rejuvenate is family first campaign approach in South Carolina, and briefly weighed in on the Newt Gingrich lead Bain Capital attacks against Mitt Romney on Thursday. …
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Rick Santorums Sweater Vest Contains a Million Dollar Lesson for Entrepreneurs

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) January 05, 2012

Just a few short weeks ago, Rick Santorum was just a little-known presidential hopeful with a better chance of winning American Idol than becoming President of the United States. However, marketing expert, Charles Gaudet, reveals how Ricks uncharacteristic dress code created a marketing edge that has the other candidates scrambling to catch up.

We live in a plain vanilla world where people and businesses look similar to one another, says Gaudet, but people want to be entertained and they want to talk about something different. Boring doesnt make the news, if you want to be talked about, do something different.

Gaudet is referring to Rick Santorums sweater vest. While the other Presidential Candidates are fancying the traditional high-priced suits, Rick shows off his trademarked short sleeve sweater vest. This fashion statement is now the beneficiary of millions of dollars in free publicity between a Twitter Feed (@FearRicksVest), website ( as well as cartoons, videos, clothing and jokes quoting Rick by saying Sleeves slow me down!

Gaudet says that there are lessons in Ricks accelerated road to recognition that every Entrepreneur should consider for creating a better marketing advantage for your business. They are: