Austin Home Theater Systems

Article by Melissa Rae

The perfect theater in Austin:

Being a big movie aficionado, I have tried almost every movie theater in Austin to find the perfect setting for a mind-blowing, big-screen experience. Each theater has its unique benefits from bars to recliner chairs, but as much as I searched, I could never find a theater where I could completely escape the noises of reality and get lost in a digital paradise.

Finally, I found it. A theater in Austin where I can enjoy a beer, recline in an arm chair, and be sucked into the action happening on the big screen. No outside noises pulling me back to reality, no strange elbows hogging the arm rest, and no distracting smells from the people around me. Best of all, no time spent driving to the theater, because it is in my own home!

How to plan for your own home theater system:

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to planning your home theater system, so remember to do the appropriate research to find one system that’s right for your home and your budget. Be sure to communicate with the company you choose and develop a specific plan before any work actually begins.

When consulting, make sure to discuss the following questions with your installer:

The Room: Given the size, lighting, flooring, and walling of the room intended for the home theater system, discuss what equipment will work best for it. Make sure that the equipment can be made to blend with the design of the room. Sound Quality: To get the greatest sound from the equipment while blocking out any interfering sounds from neighboring rooms in the house, work with your installer and discuss the different options. Adding sound barriers, like freestanding walls, will help you escape from screaming kids, vacuum cleaners, and other noises that can be heard in the rooms next to your theater. You should understand and discuss the number and placement of the speakers around the room. Usually it is good to have at least three front speakers, several surrounding speakers, and subwoofers for the bass. Picture Quality: You will need to decide between a projector and a television for your home theater. Something to keep in mind when making this decision is that projectors are generally better for HDTV, DVDs and Blu Rays, while television sets are generally better for lower resolutions like standard TV and VHS tapes. It’s also important to remember that projectors have a limited bulb life. Whether you decide on a television or a projector, be sure that you use ISF and/or THX certified video calibrators so ensure top quality images. Ease of Use: Make sure that the system you are planning to build is something that you will be able to operate on your own – otherwise, what’s the point? If you are someone who cannot handle having too many different remotes and switches, look for a control system or a single remote that will operate all equipment.

Furnishing your home theater:

Now that you have installed a theater system that stimulates your eyes and ears, it’s time to start furnishing! Whether you’re a fan of movie theater style seating or motorized arm chairs, you can test out and find the perfect seating arrangement for your newly installed system. You don’t even need to visit furniture stores, because some Austin home theater companies sell a variety of seating options for the theater and know how to position the seating to optimize the viewing and listening experience.

Gone are the days of long movie lines, over-priced movie tickets, and the irritating noises of cell phones, pop corn crunching, and babies crying. Kick-back and enjoy the comfortable seating, the sounds of your film, and the ability to wear pajamas to the theater without shame!

Melissa Rae is a film enthusiast and appreciates the picture quality, sound quality and comfort of a quality theater. Melissa would gladly recommend AVAutomation for anyone in Austin looking for a home theater.

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