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At first glance, mechanical engineering and PCB design would seem to have little in common. Electronic circuits revolve around semiconductors, connectors and voltages whereas mechanical design is about geometry, contours and moving parts. However, embedded firmware is today routinely used in mechanically engineered products everything from media systems to automobiles

Could Bin Laden and Castro Be Working Together?

Could Bin Laden and Castro Be Working Together?

(PRWEB) June 2, 2005

From the USS Cole attack to the bombing of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden has become the world’s most wanted villain. Millions have searched for the elusive terrorist to no avail. Author Robert F. Diveley proposes a new solution to this problem in Finding Bin Laden: The Ultimate Reporting Assignment.

In this fast-paced political thriller, two reporters compete in the ultimate challenge—to locate the world’s most hated fugitive. The novel details possible connections al Qaeda and Bin Laden have with Cuba and South Florida, bringing the search for Bin Laden closer to home. Fidel Castro’s long-standing hatred of the United States is no secret, and with Cuba less than 100 miles from our coast, a collaboration with the Cuban dictator offers al Qaeda a tremendous strategic advantage to infiltrate and terrorize the U.S.

A web of lies guides the readers into an intricate storyline where a young news reporter gets the chance to film a meeting between Bin Laden and Castro in Cuba. As she follows up on an al Qaeda operation, the reporter learns that her professional rival may have ties to the terrorist network. Throughout this gripping tale, Diveley details the intricate balance of the heroin business in Afghanistan, the CIA’s attempts to capture Bin Laden, and al Qaeda’s diabolical ability to fund terrorism with drug money.

“There are many books available that disperse information about Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda in a factual way,” Diveley said. “I wanted to provide insight into the events shaping our world and do it in a way that would be entertaining to the reader. The adventure of the reporters and the many life threatening circumstances, combined with a bit of romance and humor seem to open up this important topic to more people.”

About the Author

Robert F. Diveley has spent most of his career as an independent government contractor in the high tech arena. He resides in Key West, Florida with his wife Patty.

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